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Forms to initially request accommodations or services

For detailed instructions on the process for requesting accommodations, see the following as applicable: Requesting Disability Accommodations, Requesting Temporary Condition Services, and Requesting Housing Accommodations

Initial Meeting Form

For conditions that have or are expected to last more than 6 months

Temporary Condition Initial Meeting Form

For conditions expected to last less than 6 months

Documentation of Disability Form

To be completed by your medical provider, includes documentation guidelines

Housing-Related Forms

To request disability-related accommodations in on-campus housing

Forms to use following the approval of accommodations or services

Accommodation Letter Request Form

To cue your coordinator that you want an accommodation letter this semester.

Campus Traveler Form

To request a campus traveler approved by your coordinator

Note Taker Request Form

To request a note taker approved by your coordinator

Volunteer Request Form

To request volunteer services approved by your coordinator