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Housing Accommodations

Action Items for On-Campus Housing Accommodation Requests

It is not required that these are done in order; however, doing so may help expedite the process. Additionally, students are generally benefitted by starting the process as early as possible.

1. Secure an On-Campus Housing Contract

Go to the On-Campus Housing website for contracting information.

2. Meet with the Accommodated Housing Coordinator

Call the UAC Front Desk to schedule an appointment.

3. Complete a Housing Accommodation Request Form

This form will inform the UAC of your housing accommodation request. The UAC Initial Meeting Form is not required for housing accommodations.

4. Submit Documentation of Disability

October 17, 2019 10:00 AM
Submit documentation following the General Documentation guidelines and On-Campus Housing Documentation Guidelines. Documentation is not required to meet with the Accommodated Housing Coordinator.
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A UAC coordinator will notify the On-Campus Housing Office of the student's housing accommodation need. The On-Campus Housing Office will then notify the student as accommodative housing is determined. Every effort is made to reasonably accommodate the needs of students with disabilities provided that requests for housing are made in a timely manner. For a list of housing accommodation policies, click here.

Additional Details
On Campus Housing Options
Off-Campus Housing Options
Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals in On-Campus Housing

BYU provides several options for accessible housing on campus. Each option offers varying degrees of accessibility, so students should consider their individual needs when considering a place to live. As students consider their options, it is important to begin the housing search and application as early as possible. Below are the on-campus housing options for students. Please visit On-Campus Housing for information about each option.

Foreign Student Language Residence (Single Student Housing; additional eligibility requirements apply)

Helaman Halls (Single Student Housing)

Heritage Halls (Single Student Housing)

Wymount Terrace (Married Student Housing)

Wyview Park (Single and Married Student Housing)

Students who require housing off campus must abide by all the same policies and procedures as any other student. Please refer to the Off-Campus Housing Office for a full description of those policies and procedures, for a list of contracted housing complexes, and to check the availability of the housing complexes students are interested in. The University Accessibility Center recommends that students who have accessible housing needs begin their search early to get the housing that will best meet their needs. Given that the options are off campus, students may wish to drive or use the Utah Transit Authority. Feel free to contact the Off-Campus Housing Office (801-422-1513) with questions.

Please refer to BYU's Animals on Campus Policy and Animals on Campus Procedures for important information on making requests, documentation guidelines, etc.