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The DAPi Presidency

Children stand at the top of Y Mountain with their hands in the air.

Brooke Frandsen - President

Brooke Frandsen is a senior from Los Angeles, California studying neuroscience and environmental science. Right now, she is particularly interested in the effects of air pollution on the brain. She will be applying to medical schools next year and would love to specialize in addiction. When she isn’t studying, Brooke loves to travel, spend time with her pets, and shop at Trader Joe’s.

This is Brooke’s second year with DAPi. She believes that DAPi can improve the campus experience for students with disabilities. From panels on advocacy to the new mentoring program under development, DAPi encourages students to fight stigmas surrounding their education and celebrate their accomplishments.

Kendon Holdaway - Vice President of Education

Kendon Holdaway is a senior studying Mandarin Chinese. Although he has been involved with the University Accessibility Center and other student organizations for almost 4 years now, this is his first semester working with DAPi. Kendon loves the people he meets through DAPi and that the organization stands for something bigger. He plans on attending medical school shortly after graduation and pursuing a career in organ transplantation, sharing his own experiences with kidney transplantation as motivation for others. He loves rock climbing and misses the sun in his hometown in Arizona.

Alex McBride - Vice President of Social

Alex McBride is a senior in the advertising program, hailing from the land of Houston, Texas. This is her second year involved with DAPi. Alex loves the fact that DAPi empowers those struggling with personal trials and is a reminder that even though there may be more road bumps ahead, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Alex is planning on going into Art Direction and/or producing when she graduates. Alex has two dogs at home whom she loves very much and she is obsessed with crafting and creating art. She also finds tiny things adorable. Lastly, she does not understand how people can eat pineapples on pizza and finds the idea completely ludicrous.

Kyle Homer - Vice President of Service

Kyle Homer is a senior studying exercise science. He joined DAPi last year when he first heard about it. Kyle loves DAPi’s mission to empower students with disabilities. He sincerely believes everyone can be successful. This year Kyle is excited to serve the DAPi community and contribute to a culture of compassion and support. Kyle is originally from Oregon and is planning to attend medical school in a couple of years.

Megan Johns - Communications Director

Megan Johns is a third-year psychology student from Peoria, Arizona. The 2021-22 school year marks her second year of involvement with Delta Alpha Pi. Megan believes that her disabilities bring out the best in her, and she is passionate about helping others with disabilities realize their own unique potential. Inspired by her own late diagnoses, Megan plans on earning her master’s degree and practicing as an occupational therapist for those with late-diagnosed neurodevelopmental disorders. Megan loves obsessively doing sudoku puzzles and takes extreme pride in the fact that she is a legend in her local Cafe Zupas.